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Scientists Successfully "Hack" Brain To Obtain Private Data

Researchers from the University of California and University of Oxford in Geneva figured out a way to pluck sensitive information from a person’s head, such as PIN numbers and bank information...This could only be the beginning of a new form of fraud. Scientists say that a person with their guard lowered could be “easily engaged into ‘mind games’ that camouflage the interrogation of the user and make them more cooperative.”  Also, much like other household electronics, “the ever increasing quality of devices, success rates of attacks will likely improve.”

Medical Cybercrime: The Next Frontier

The idea of hackers holding electronic medical records for ransom sounds like the stuff of a final Die Hard installment. But medical hacking and biomedical fraud are growing areas of concern for the healthcare industry... and for Americans receiving medical care. Although only a few isolated cases have been spotted, the ease with which they can be committed are interesting story came out of Chicago's suburbs: Hackers broke into a small medical practice's server, encrypted patients' electronic medical records (EMRs) and emails, and demanded a ransom. Instead of paying the ransom...a much more worrying--and dangerous--form of medical hacking is creating counterfeit medical devices or hacking existing ones...Medical devices themselves can also be hacked...By manipulating insulin pumps remotely, criminals could kill or seriously injure targets; their crime, meanwhile, would be likely to escape detection from law enforcement unaware insulin pumps could be hacked

Bribery for Grade in Eastern Europe

a recent survey of university students in several ECA countries found that more than 60 percent of respondents knew other students who had purchased either entrance to the university or a specific grade


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