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The Civil War's War on Fraud

With virtually no checks in place in 1861 to combat fraud, contractors had free rein in their sales to the government, sometimes with the assistance of greedy military men. In response, Congress throughout the war worked to counter the ever-evolving economy of fraud that dragged heavily at the war effort – and as a result created an antifraud framework that remains in place today.

The Smoothest Con Man That Ever Lived

He’d amassed a fortune in schemes that were so grand and outlandish, few thought any of his victims could ever be so gullible. He’d sold the Eiffel Tower to a French scrap-metal dealer. He’d sold a “money box” to countless greedy victims who believed that Lustig’s contraption was capable of printing perfectly replicated $100 bills. (Police noted that some “smart” New York gamblers had paid $46,000 for one.) He had even duped some of the wealthiest and most dangerous mobsters—men like Al Capone, who never knew he’d been swindled.

The biggest ART FRAUD of the 20th century

Art forger John Myatt was initially honest about the nature of his paintings, but John Drewe, a regular customer, was able to re-sell some of his paintings as genuine works. When he later told Myatt that Christie’s had accepted his “Albert Gleizes” painting as genuine and paid 25,000, Myatt became a willing accomplice to Drewe’s fraud, and began to paint more pictures in the style of masters like Roger Bissiere, Marc Chagall,Le Corbusier, Jean Dubuffet, Alberto Giacometti, Matisse, Ben Nicholson, Nicholas de Stael and Graham Sutherland. According to police estimates, Myatt painted about 200 forgeries in a regular schedule and delivered them to Drewe in London. Police later recovered only 60 of them. Drewe sold them to the auction houses of Christie’s, Phillips and Sotheby’s and to dealers in London, Paris and New York.

BIANCHI'S GHOST: The Real Story of Mr. Ponzi

In little more than eight months, some 40,000 investors had handed Ponzi a reported $15 million. In the end, tens of thousands of people had lost their life savings and half-a-dozen banks had crashed.

Greatest Impostors in History

Conmen hold a special place in our hearts. Their fast talking, smooth walking ways lead us all to gawk at their special brand of bravery. 
An impostor is a person who pretends to be someone else, or to be something he is not, in order to deceive or defraud another person.
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