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LITTLE Corrup$ion
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"Facilitating payments" “expediting payments” or “grease payments” are “bribes paid to induce foreign officials to perform routine functions they are otherwise obligated to perform.”  
The only countries which permit their corporations to pay them are the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea, although they are illegal in every country where they are paid.

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The BIG Corruption in Small Gifts

Giveaways, gifts, freebies, premiums, promos, tchotchkes, swag. Every year around this time, it pours in: the pens with corporate logos, the canisters of flavored popcorn, the iTunes gift cards, the boxes of chocolate, the pocket calendars, the shipments of fresh fruit. It’s the annual ritual in which financial companies say “thank you” to the people on the other side of their trades, to clients, to journalists. No one seems to be bothered very much by the exchange of small gifts. But you should be. There is overwhelming evidence that small gifts have a big influence on the behavior of the recipients. new study from a leading behavioral economist, Ulrike Malmendier of the University of California, Berkeley, finds that “small gifts may [create] a stronger reciprocal effect than large gifts,” making the recipients feel even more indebted to the giver. “Thus, not only might size limits be ineffective in reducing the influence of gift giving…they may even be counterproductive.” Numerous studies among doctors have come to the same conclusion.

Petty Bribery: It's Not Pretty

"Petty" bribery is an accepted way of life in much of the world. A person simply understands that he or she will need to "grease the palms" of certain officials in order to get a business license, a work contract or help with a legal matter...
This type of corruption is a leading cause of poverty. While many times the amounts of money may seem small - therefore "petty" - the cost is enormous when viewed more globally.

Petty corruption causes massive misery for the poor

“The forms of corruption reported [in the Registrar General’s Office] ranged from individuals selling queue positions, selling access to a registration officer, and selling even the right to be acknowledged and served within the RG’s Office..."  Most single mothers...couldn't afford the bribes demanded for birth certificates for their children.

Petty Corruption: Types and frequent detection


Calling corruption in public service delivery “petty” minimizes its
devastating effects and the high damage it has on the development of societies. Therefore, the term “petty bribery” needs to be banned from the anti-corruption vocabulary.

When Governments Undermine Antibribery Compliance Efforts

Two of the greatest challenges for compliance officers working for multinational companies are facilitating payments—small bribes or “grease payments” paid to expedite a routine, non-discretionary governmental task—and gifts, travel, and hospitality. These are challenges precisely because they often seem trivial to the sales people, and it can be difficult to maintain internal discipline if employees don’t believe there is any real risk associated with these kinds of potential bribes. In-house experts often work hard to explain that these gateway issues can lead to a slippery slope of corruption. They persuade, cajole, appeal to the integrity of their audience, and eventually speak to the risk of violations of law: no country permits grease payments within its borders and most countries have restrictions on gifts and hospitality that may be given to government employees.


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