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MOTHER OF ALL PNP SCAMS: Officials have uncovered a potential mother of all scams in the Philippine National Police involving "ghost pensioners" running away with more than P1 billion of the PNP's funds over the past five years. Interior Secretary Jesse M. Robredo said the scam was worth between P200 and P250 million every year since 2006. Robredo said that some 2,000 of these ghost retireesmostly fake names inputted into the pensions databasehad been stricken off the list of 58,000 pensioners. "These are not retired policemen. In fact, many are not even police officers. They're just fake names. They're not even names of dead police officerswhich comprise 75 percent of the pensioners," Robredo said.

Government losing P250 million yearly to fake pensioners in Philippine National Police...DILG to conduct massive purging in long list of pensioners

Senator questions de Department of Justice success rate vs previous administration

CONGRESSMAN URGES OUTGOING CUSTOMS CHIEF TO NAME SMUGGLERS: A party-list congressman urged yesterday outgoing Customs Commissioner Angelito Alvarez to identify the smugglers who have allegedly conspired to oust him. Rep. Shewin Tugna of the party-list group Citizens Battle Against Corruption (CIBAC) said as early as three months ago, there were speculations that Alvarez would be replaced despite his good work in raising the revenue of the Bureau of Customs (BOC). "If Commissioner Alvarez's insinuations are true that corruption in the BOC did him in, then it is a day of mourning for CIBAC, now that Alvarez has been unceremoniously fired by the President," he said. Tugna said Alvarez should identify the smugglers.

SENATOR DEFENDS OUSTED CUSTOMS CHIEF: In a surprising turn, Sen. Panfilo Lacson came to the defense of the embattled Angelito Alvarez. Lacson said that Alvarez, the Bureau of Customs commissioner, was on the right track in getting rid of allegedly institutionalized corruption in the BOC when he was supposedly fired by President Benigno Aquino 3rd... "It is unfortunate that Commissioner Angelito Alvarez is being given the boot at this time. He has barely started the reforms that the BOC badly needs. He knows his job very well and has been trying his darned best to correct the institutionalized corruption in the bureau," Lacson said. Alvarez's replacement should rid the BOC of such corruption, added the senator, a perceived ally of the President. Lacson said that it was Alvarez who discovered and exposed the case of the missing container vans, including the syndicates' use of the transshipment process to avoid paying Customs duties and taxes. Under the transshipment process, a cargo from abroad is unloaded at a port and picked up by another ship for its final destination, which is not the Philippines. Citing information reaching him, Lacson said those engaged in corruption at the BOC meet every Friday to divide the spoils from their rackets.

COA UNCOVERS P800m MESS IN MAGUINDANAO TRANSACTIONS: The Commission on Audit has uncovered more than P800 million worth of questionable transactions during the reign of former governor Andal Ampatuan Sr. in Maguindanao province. A special COA study on Maguindanao, covering the period January 2008 to September 2009, showed that P865.887 million worth of transactions could be fictitious since they were supported by spurious documents, or the supposed suppliers denied participating in them. The COA also raised its eyebrows on the P28.241 million worth of fuel purchases, saying their validity is questionable for a host of reasons.

ANTI-CORRUPTION MEASURES IN WORLD BANK PROJECTS: Forensic audits and technical training designed to thwart corruption in World Bank-financed projects, including some in the Philippines, "are achieving results," according to the bank's ranking anti-corruption official..."We presently focus on high-risk projects and sectors based on information arising from complaints, our own due diligence, and other law enforcement agencies," WB vice president Leonard McCarthy said.

PALACE TO GENERALS:FACE HOUSE PROBE >>> Malacañang on Saturday told the retired generals who figured in the "Hello Garci" recordings to attend the proposed House inquiry into alleged military involvement in election cheating in 2004if they want to clear their names. Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Abigail Valte said the Palace also would not stop Congress from summoning active officers to testify in the congressional probe, which would touch on the reported failure of a military commission headed by then Vice Admiral Mateo Mayuga to follow up leads on the involvement of some officers in electoral fraud.

Ghost repair of PNP's armored carriers cost government P400 million: The Philippine National Police (PNP) may have another corruption issue in its hands with the discovery of almost P400 million in expenses for the repair of 28 V-150 armored personnel carriers (APCs). Documents obtained by The STAR show that the PNP paid P141,995,064 for spare parts and P255,589,000 for repair and maintenance of the APCs. The cost of the repairs was three times higher than the P104.9 million spent for the purchase of three helicopters, two of which were passed off as brand new. The cost of repairs is also enough to buy 13 brand new, US-made APCs at P30 million each.

COA COMMISSIONER HEIDI MENDOZA RECEIVES "MODERN DAY FILIPINO HERO" AWARD: Yahoo! Southeast Asia recognized seven modern day Filipino heroes at the Yahoo! Pitong Pinoy Awards held at the Global City on Friday, in time for the National Heroes Day on August 28. Country Editor for Yahoo! Philippines Erwin Oliva said that the criteria used for choosing the 7 awardees were their inventiveness, their being innovative and most importantly, their strong impact on the community...Heidi Mendoza is the whistleblower who exposed the corrupt activities of Armed Forces of the Philippines officials. Mendoza recounted the difficulties she faced after making the decision, from poison letters designed to discredit her to gaining back her children's affection. "I wanted to raise and gain back respect for ordinary government officials," Mendoza said...This is the first initiative by Yahoo! to inspire national pride among Filipinos and to acknowledge the contributions of each inspiring individual through volunteer and advocacy work.

COA CASES STILL PENDING WITH OMBUDSMAN: Commission on Audit Chairperson Ma. Gracia Pulido-Tan expressed disappointment at the long overdue cases still pending with the Ombudsman. "I'm impatient, so I am concentrating on pressuring them," Ms. Tan said at a financial executives' forum. The cases she was referring to were the 34 cases raised to the Ombudsman during her term, which she said, "have seen no progress."..."Part of the exercise is to closely coordinate with the Ombudsman. We are the whistle-blower and the Ombudsman would be the one to handle the case," Ms. Tan said. "We want to improve the number of resolved graft and corruption cases," The CoA is mandated as the chief regulator on accounting and audit functions. If the agency finds anomalous activities in its audit, the CoA raises the case to the Ombudsman for prosecution.

Criminal Investigation and Detection Group to file raps vs cops, firms in choppers mess: The CIDG said it will file next week criminal and administrative charges before the Office of the Ombudsman against personnel of the Philippine National Police (PNP) involved in the choppers mess...among the civilians that may be charged regarding the issue are Lionair president Archibald Po and Manila Aerospace Trading Corporation...fact-finding committee had already recommended the filing of charges against 27 PNP officers from the committees on bids and awards, negotiation, inspection, and acceptance.

MISSING CONAINER VAN RAPS FILED: The Bureau of Customs filed before the Department of Justice smuggling charges against the suspects behind the alleged smuggling of 1,910 cargo vans that supposedly defrauded government of P240 million in potential revenues. The cargo vans, which contained general merchandise, were supposed to be brought from the Port of Manila to the Batangas Port between May and June this year. But to date, the vans remain unaccounted for.

PNP EXPERT PRESSURED: A questioned documents' expert of the Philippine National Police (PNP) today admitted that "pressure" forced her to release an examination result that shows the Jose Pidal signatures were similar with the signatures provided by Negros Occidental Rep. Ignacio "Iggy" Arroyo in 2003..."The pressure came from General Mosqueda, who was always in our office throughout the examination until we created a report [on the Jose Pidal signatures' examination]"

Fight over project funds behind Kidapawan blasts, says governor...this was the confession of one of the two bomb couriers before he died from shrapnel wounds following the August 12 explosion outside the NIA office in Barangay Amas here. An earlier bombing occurred outside the COA office last June...the governor noted that the explosions came at a time the government was seeking P6.2 billion in fresh funds for the Malitubog-Maridagao or Malmar project. She said corruption in the irrigation project was the same reason she sought an investigation in 2003 when she was still a congressman.

CoA: DBP audit not complete or conclusive >>> CoA Chairperson Grace Tan said that the agency's audit on the Development Bank of the Philippines would not be conclusive until the management has given its side on the issue. She added that the CoA was still in the process of auditing questioned transactions on the government's buyback of the Metro Railway Transit 3. The MRT 3 buyback, which also involved the DBP and Land Bank of the Philippines, was also among the transactions undertaken during the Arroyo administration that are now being questioned...Tan has vowed to audit government institutions based on merits and the governing laws. "We should not allow ourselves to be politicized."

FIGHT CORRUPTION BY TELLING THE TRUTH, GOVERNMENT URGED: Anti-corruption advocates called on government officials to exercise greater transparency in dealing with the public, saying the personal crusade of President Aquino against anomalies provides the best chance for the country to fight the problem. "This is the perfect time because we have an honest President," said Heidi Mendoza of the Commission on Audit. "This is the only time we can best pursue anti-corruption efforts."... The only meaningful way to engage with the constituency is to provide them with information," said Interior and Local Governments Secretary Jesse Robredo


According to a report by the Manila-based Pacific Strategies and Assessments: “Hiding under the cloak of ‘basic human rights,’ a number of defendants have sought shelter from hospitals or cited medical excuses to delay investigations or prolong court hearings.” …

While this tactic is not entirely new and has been practiced in other parts of the world,’ PSA said in its Aug. 22 report, “the Philippines is replete with examples of how the influential are exploiting health-related excuses to circumvent justice.” 

…“A number of other cases have been languishing in the courts because of apparent medical continuances,” the report continues.

PHILIPPINE PUBLIC TRANSPARENCY PROJECT ENDS: The PPTRP trained community leaders and journalists in public finance and budget, set up local transparency watchdog groups and blogs, and conducted surveys on local government accountability. Yesterday the project came to a close with four allies sharing their views. Senator Teofisto Guingona III said that as head of the Blue Ribbon Committee he sees more than ever the need for a Freedom of Information Act. Such law would force state offices to divulge what they are up to, like the Ombudsman's secret plea-bargaining in 2010 with plunderer Gen. Carlos Garcia. Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo cited the importance of websites of local and national agency purchases and projects. Upon putting up one last year, a firearms dealer immediately noticed that the police was buying M-16 rifles at P140,000 apiece, when another agency had bought the same from him for only P93,000. ZTE scam whistleblower Jun Lozada recounted the difficulties and dangers that truth-tellers face: lost income, disrupted family life, death threats...Gracia Pulido-Tan, Commission on Audit chairwoman, told of a Citizens Participatory Audit in partnership with civil society. Not only COA auditors but also ordinary citizens can report financial shenanigans through e-mail or mobile (0915) 5391957.

COA TO PMA: GO AFTER EX-CASH OFFICER >>> The Commission on Audit (COA) has directed officials of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) to go after a former cash officer who had to account for over P8.3 million in unliquidated cash advances. In a report, COA said the special disbursing officer should be held liable for his cash advances, which had been unsettled for nearly 10 years as of Dec. 31 last year. State auditors said going after the former PMA officer, who was dishonorably discharged from the service years ago, is the responsibility of the head of the academy,

PHILIPPINES TELECOMMUNICATIONS IN ARREARS SINCE 1993, NOW OWE P429M: Government lawyers asked the Sandiganbayan to order the Philippine Telecommunications Investment Corp. (PTIC) to remit P429.14 million in dividends and other earnings which the Commission on Audit said PTIC "willfully withheld" from the national treasury. Some of the PTIC arrears dates to as far back as 1993, stemming from government control of 111,415 PTIC shares through the Philippine Commission on Good Government (PCGG).

CUSTOMS ONION BUST: Red onions, P2.5 million worth loaded in three container vans and declared as pickles and juice in an attempt to smuggle them into the country, were intercepted following a tip from an informant...the latest in a series of attempts over the past several months to smuggle thousands of kilos of onions from China to the Philippines.

"Iggy faces tax evasion, graft, perjury raps"
Negros Occidental Rep. Ignacio “Iggy” Arroyo can be charged in court and probably hauled to jail for tax evasion, the head of the Senate’s anti-graft body today said.

Sen. Teofisto Guingona III, chairman of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee, said in a television interview that Iggy Arroyo may be charged with tax evasion based on the testimony of his alleged bookkeeper Rowena del Rosario.

Del Rosario told the committee’s hearing yesterday that the Arroyo-owned company LTA Inc. leased the Robinson Raven helicopters, which the congressman earlier said was owned by Archibald Po’s Lionair Inc., not his brother, former first gentleman Jose Miguel “Mike” Arroyo.

Guingona said that based on Del Rosario’s testimony, the LTA Inc. paid P18 million, in cash, from 2004 to 2011 for the maintenance of five Robinson Raven helicopters.

“All cash. No documentation. They operate like drug lords... Obviously he has no tax payment for that. I don’t know how you can go away with that...

Aside from tax evasion, Guingona said that Iggy Arroyo and his brother, Mike, can also be charged with perjury and graft.

He said the Arroyos are liable for perjury for submitting a bogus lease agreement and for making false claims on the PNP choppers deal scam.

“Anti-graft... When you fool the government and you fool the people of the Philippines, when you enter into a contract which is manifestly unjust to the government, then you go to jail,” he said.


Rep. Ignacio Arroyo forged "Jose Pidal" signature, Senate told

Negros Occidental Rep. Ignacio “Iggy” Arroyo copied the signature of “Jose Pidal” right inside the Philippine National Police Crime Laboratory and later submitted his signature specimen in 2003 to the Senate blue ribbon committee to save his elder brother, Mike Arroyo.

Retired Chief Supt. Restituto Mosqueda on Monday made this testimony at a Senate inquiry into the sale of used helicopters passed off as brand-new to the PNP. Mike allegedly owned the choppers...

Lacson, who exposed the Jose Pidal accounts, said in a privilege speech eight years ago that Mike, husband of then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, used the secret accounts for money laundering.

The senator accused Mike of amassing more than P200 million from campaign contributions for his wife and putting the money in the accounts.

Pera Natin 'to!
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The Philippine Public Transparency Reporting Project and website aim to put under the public spotlight important issues such as control and management of the nation’s public wealth (click below to read full articles)
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Research in Public, Policy Analysis and Management July 21, 2011
As corruption is a serious problem in many Asian countries their governments have introduced many anti-corruption measures since the 1950s. This book analyzes and evaluates the anti-corruption strategies employed in Hong Kong SAR, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mongolia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand. These countries are selected because they represent the three major patterns of corruption control with Japan adopting Pattern 1 (anti-corruption laws without any anti-corruption agency [ACA]); India, the Philippines and Taiwan employing Pattern 2 (anti-corruption laws with multiple ACAs); and, Singapore, Hong Kong SAR, Thailand, South Korea, Indonesia, and Mongolia belonging to Pattern 3 (anti-corruption laws with a single ACA). Among the ten countries only Singapore and Hong Kong SAR have succeeded in minimizing corruption because of the commitment of their political leaders in curbing corruption, their favorable policy contexts, and the impartial implementation of effective anti-corruption measures. On the other hand, the other eight Asian countries have failed to curb corruption because of the lack of political will, their unfavorable policy contexts, and their reliance on ineffective anti-corruption measures. (Click on book cover above to read more)


More IntegriNews


Senate panel OKs inquiry into bank deposits without owner's permission

COA: 11 Maguindanao towns mismanaged P525 million

Solicitor General urges Sandiganbayan to resolve 2 year old motion for reconsideration over dismissal of one of eight coconut levy fund cases involving government claim for P13.59 billion in damages.

"Great power" behind P7-B Asiatique loan anomaly

Another ex-PNP chief caught in anomaly

Senator asks Anti-Money Laundering Council to look into remittances worth millions of dollars sent from Manila to two Hong Kong-based corporations from 2001 to 2004 in midst of Piatco anomaly

Justice Secretary defendS state prosecutors who recommended filing of criminal case against alleged leaders of car theft syndicate accused of abducting and killing car dealer Emerson Lozano.

Sen. Santiago eyes probe into "inexplicable delay" in resolution of cases by Ombudsman

House to probe PAGCOR for P150M casino scam

Lawmaker, bishop back Palace ouster of customs commissioner

2003 CASE FURTHER DELAYED: Sandiganbayan suspends graft proceedings against former Pasay City mayor and several co-accused, saying Ombudsman should first resolve appeal to indictment before 2003 case can go on trial

Ombudsman starts hiring new lawyers

Customs chief blames smugglers for ouster

"Watch out for Friday 3 p.m. habit" at Customs

Vice president and concurrent chair of the Housing Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC) Jejomar Binay said there's no evidence that would link his predecessor former vice president Noli de Castro to the multibillion-peso anomalies at the Home Development Mutual Fund

Management of Philippine National Police described as "a mess" by US embassy, according to leaked long descriptive diplomatic 2005 cable published by WikiLeaks.

President confirmS he will replace beleaguered Customs chief but declineS to say who wilkl replace him

Former Vice President and members of board of Home Development Mutual Fund during his term not yet off hook regarding P12-billion housing loan scam and could also be charged over multibillion-peso anomaly

PNP officers in choppers fiasco sacked

Ombudsman urged to prioritize probe on Development Bank of the Philippines fund mess

Commission on Audit notes some "deficiencies" in the use of Dumanjug's public funds and orders town officials and employees to refund P1.019 million in allegedly overpaid bonuses

THE COMMISSION on Audit pledged that it would complete its final audit report on the case involving state-run Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) and businessman Roberto V. Ongpin

Senate panel releases from detention Arroyo firm ex-bookkeeper

Philippine National Police officials blame supplier for choppers mess

Senator says National Police Commission official misleads Senate in investigation on alleged anomalous purchase of pre-owned helicopters in 2009

Presidential Commission on Good Government: Outgoing officials of real estate holding firm, appointed during Arroyo administration, awarded excessive and illegal retirement packages and bonuses to themselves

Ombudsman FINDS three Commission on Election officials guilty of neglect of duty, misconduct and conduct prejudicial to best interest of service in connection with planned purchase of P690 million worth of ballot secrecy folders in 2010

"Forgetful" Arroyo bookkeeper irks senators

After ghost soldiers, phantom vets

Globe Asiatique owner faces life term for syndicated estafa arising from allegedly anomalous loans amounting to more than P6.65 billion granted by Home Development Mutual Fund, to "ghost borrowers"

Department of Justice resolution on Globe Asiatique mess welcomed

20TH CENTURY CASE: Solicitor General seeks resolution of one of 8 cases related to 1987 Marcos era coco-levy fund, that involves damage claim of P13.59 billion...asks Sandiganbayan to resolve 2-year-old motion for reconsideration

Customs chief denies resigning from post

Ombudsman upholds suspension of 9 Mandaue barangay officials

Association of Barangay Councils President: Set guidelines for use of government vehicles

Joey De Venecia III: First Gentkeman accuser a credible witness

Ombudsman Visayas slaps administrative penalties and suspension to two collection officers in Negros Occidental over cash shortages in their respective localities

Cebu City accountant: Lifting of pre-audit may speed up process of government transactions but also presents disadvantages especially in implementation of infrastructure projects

Two senators want government to create body that would oversee all pensions within the bureaucracy

Sen. Panfilo Lacson hit Negros Occidental Rep. Iggy Arroyo for setting condition for his appearance before the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee investigation of alleged anomalous sale of choppers to police being linked to his brother saying that he will face inquiry only if Lacson divulges how he went into hiding for a year and why he has not been investigated

Husband of detained bookkeeper asks Court of Appeals to free wife

Sen. Panfilo Lacson identifies former Philippine National Police chief as "missing link" in sale to PNP of secondhand choppers allegedly owned by Mike Arroyo.

Former first gentleman wins temporary restraining order from Supreme Court

Comelec reopens investigation on "Garci" generals

Ilocos Sur mayor faces suspension over quarry tax mess

Ex-LTA bookkeeper relaxed after arrest

Iggy says arrest of bookkeeper unfair

"Arroyo game plan is to pin Iggy on chopper scam"

Senate may revive "Jose Pidal" probe

Businessman Roberto Ongpin will file disbarment case against lawyer Zenaida Ongkiko-Acorda for claiming to be spokesperson of Development Bank of the Philippines

Senate Blue Ribbon Committee will no longer invite former first gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo in 2009 PNP choppers controversy due to health reasons

Lawyer blames arthritis for different signatures in helicopter deal

Customs Commissioner Angelito Alvarez facing another congressional inquiry for allegedly protecting major oil firm from paying government P1.6 billion in taxes

House probe on irrigation projects in Mindanao sought

Department of Transportation and Communications looking into questionable equipment procurement worth P1.2 billion by Philippine Coast Guard in 2009

Lawmaker seeks inquiry into operation of corn program of previous administration which Commission on Audit (COA) report in 2007 said had incurred huge losses



Regional Colloquium held at Silliman University in Dumaguete City with







Click on photo at right to read speech by Gov. Padaca, at left to read speech by Sen. Guingona


SELF HELP: Going by pronouncements of US officials, we can surmise that Washington likes President Aquino and his emphasis on fighting corruption. This is in sync with the "whole of governance" approach to US foreign development and military assistance. The approach, jointly pursued by the State and Defense Departments, is based on the idea that bad governance in other countries can create serious security problems that affect American interests. -- Ana Marie Pamintuan in The Philippine Star

TRANSFORMING SOCIETY: President Aquino must begin with the people and work backwards to the corrupt officials of the previous administration. There is a distinction between reformation which calls for changing the psyche of the people and culture of corruption, and vindictiveness. Thus, can President Benigno Aquino III hack it within the five years remaining based on current evaluation of his performance, motivation, and management style? He, too, is getting into the same routine of dangling pork-barrel funds to retain allegiance, payback time for election supporters, appointments of favorites and political has-beens, and dispensing of political spoils to party mates. President Aquino may not realize it but he is being led unwittingly by the nose by traditional political operators farther away from his straight and narrow path. -- HECTOR R.R. VILLANUEVA in Manila Bulletin


The Commission on Audit has another horror story to tell about that unlucky place called Maguindanao. COA Chair Grace Pulido Tan told the appropriations committee of the House of Representatives last week that some P1.6 billion in government funds appeared to have vanished, between January 2008 and September 2009, with hardly a trace. During that period, P873.4 million was released to fund 99 projects, but government auditors were able to validate only P31.5 million worth of projects, leaving P842 million unaccounted for. At the same time, the provincial government recorded 1,441 transactions with 31 suppliers, worth a total of P810 million. One supplier denied having entered into any transaction with the government. The 30 others, who were paid out of cash advances, were found to be either operating without business permits or to have given addresses that could not be located by the auditors. Tan described these projects and transactions as “fictitious.” Andal Ampatuan Sr. was the provincial governor at the time...

Many other unethical and dishonest practices are set out in some detail in the four-volume COA report. But what sticks out most prominently was how the Ampatuans and their cohorts in the ARMM, and especially in their home province, operated outside any government accounting rules concerning the use of public funds. But then given how they helped then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to secure the election results she wanted, they must have helped themselves to government resources with nothing less than a sense of entitlement.

It is hardly surprising then that they were able to build such a vast wealth that allowed them to construct two dozen mansions and maintain a well-armed private army that few dared to cross. Neither is it surprising that when they felt that their hold on power over their turf was being challenged, the Ampatuans struck down without compunction their political enemies and anyone who came between them.

Call it the logic of impunity. In their cold-blooded calculations, the Ampatuans probably figured that if they could squander or steal billions in public funds, they just as easily could steal lives. If they could get away with plunder, why couldn’t they get away with murder? -- Inquirer Editorial

Accountability basic step for moving nation forward

We, the leaders of the Kaya Natin! Movement for Good Governance and Ethical Leadership, commend and laud the Senate blue ribbon committee led by its chair, Sen. Teofisto “TG” Guingona III, for investigating the anomalies of the past administration.

We strongly believe that for our country to move forward in the proper direction, accountability to the Filipino people must be upheld by all government officials. Without this basic tenet of good governance, the culture of impunity and shameless corruption will continue to pervade throughout our government, leading to more poverty for our countrymen.

The previous cases investigated by the blue ribbon committee such as illegal gambling (jueteng), the dubious plea bargain agreement between Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez and Maj. Gen. Carlos Garcia, the anomalous transactions of the former officials of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office, and the purchase of second-hand helicopters marked as brand-new by the Philippine National Police allegedly from former First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo are stumbling blocks on President Aquino’s “tuwid na daan” and should therefore not be left unresolved.

We commend Senator Guingona and the blue ribbon committee for tirelessly seeking to find the truth behind these numerous allegations. We hope that Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales and the Department of Justice led by Secretary Leila de Lima would take the necessary and appropriate action against those found at fault.

We call on every Filipino to not be discouraged by the slew of anomalies being brought to light at this time. It is when good people leave the fight that evil prevails. Let us show them that the Filipinos are united in our fight against corruption and we would not rest until the perpetrators are brought to justice.

—GRACE PADACA, former governor, Isabela;
JESSE ROBREDO, secretary, Department of Interior and Local Government;
AMONG ED PANLILIO, former governor, Pampanga;
BOLET BANAL, representative, Quezon City;
KAKA BAG-AO, representative, Akbayan;
TEDDY BAGUILAT JR., representative, Ifugao;
NERIC ACOSTA, former representative, Bukidnon;
SONIA LORENZO, former mayor, San Isidro, Nueva Ecija;
ROQUE VERZOSA JR., mayor, Tagudin, Ilocos Sur;
FLORANTE GERDAN, former mayor, Sta. Fe, Nueva Vizcaya;
CECILIA CLARE REYES, mayor, Alicia, Isabela;
MARIVIC BELENA, mayor, San Jose City, Nueva Ecija;
GLORIA CONGCO, mayor, Cabiao, Nueva Ecija;
VALENTE YAP, mayor, Bindoy, Negros Oriental;
SHIRLYN MACASARTE, board member, North Cotabato;
JANAREE DISOMIMBA, former mayor, Tamparan, Lanao del Sur;
MABEL SUNGA-ACOSTA, former councilor, Davao City;
FERMIN MABULO, former mayor, San Fernando, Camarines Sur;
FRANCIS TINIO, former councilor, Binalonan, Pangasinan


"The (Mayuga) Board didn't ask Habacon where he got the money that he distributed to the officers."...Senators Chiz Escudero and Antonio Trillanes IV and Reps. Neri Colmenares and Teddy Casiño are right in saying that although the Mayuga Report was a big disappointment, it provides leads which can be pursued to get to the truth of the greatest theft committed by Arroyo against the Filipino people. -- Ellen Tordesillas in Malaya

The incompetence of the justice system and national security here in the Philippines continues to be a concern for the international community. As explained by the legal term Res ipsa loquitor, the evidence speaks for itself. As upsetting as it may seem, changes to a law is usually a result of ugly crimes, rather than a rigid and abstract review of policy. The gaping flaws in the judiciary make it all the more important for leaders to step up and take the heat... The Philippine judiciary faces many challenges: poor remuneration, corruption, low morale, outdated legislation, understaffing, and budgetary constraints have hampered the justice system from capitalizing on its full potential. Boosting the judiciary's budget, adherence to national and international statutes are some of the key recommendations to improve the country's justice system. Remuneration can boost morale. An adequate budgetary allocation is a big step to deal with other manifold problems. Every effort must be made to curb corruption at all levels of the force which in turn will improve the country's national security and image. -- Editorial in Asian Journal

BOOKKEEPER'S ADMISSION: Rowena del Rosario, former first gentleman Mike Arroyo's personal accountant, wanted to exculpate him in the Senate hearing Monday. But in the end she admitted having wired $500,000 to Robinson Helicopter Company in December 2003, in behalf of Mike's LTA Inc. That settled it. The $500,000, as two witnesses earlier swore, was down payment for five helicopters from the California factory. There's no more doubt that Mike secretly bought the aircraft. They arrived in the Philippines in three batches in 2004. Two of them fraudulently were sold to the Philippine National Police as brand new in 2009. No PNP general would have accepted the units and paid more than the price for brand-new had they not been so ordered from on high. -- Jarius Bondoc in The Philippine Star

First, Malacañang appointed retired Gen. Gaudencio Pangilinan, who faces plunder charges, as director of the Bureau of Corrections. Now we have the latest Aquino appointee to the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals Associate Justice Bienvenido Reyes, one-time finance manager of the Aquino-owned Best Security Agency, which cornered some 30 exclusive contracts of sequestered company when the President's late mother assumed office. Reyes was reprimanded not once, but twice, by the Supreme Court. -- Emil Jurado in Manila Standard

A recent study by the Economist Intelligence Unit highlighted a sobering reality: corporate fraud affected 90% of businesses operating in Southeast Asia and 98% of firms operating in China last year. A similar study commissioned by the accountancy KPMG found that fraud cases affecting multinational companies in Asia resulted in an average loss of US$1.4 million and 16% of cases involved organized collusion lasting 10 years or more. As corporations continue to grow beyond traditional borders, fraud management strategies will become an increasingly relevant business advantage...

One reason corporate fraud is more common in Asia than in other parts of the world is the sheer velocity of economic growth throughout the region, wherein business development and expanding markets outpace that ability to install internal controls and meaningful organizational accountability. The intertwining of the personal with the professional tends to be more prevalent in Asia as well. 



22 August 2011


MAP strongly believes that the Freedom of Information (FOI) Law and the Whistleblowers Protection Act should have been part of the priority bills of the Aquino Administration. 

For a more proactive anti-corruption vehicle, we encourage the Aquino Administration to certify the FOI bill and the Whistleblowers Protection Act as urgent; and we urge Congress to immediately enact the FOI Law to give the access to information heretofore hidden from public scrutiny, and the Whistleblowers Protection Act to provide the necessary protection for truth-tellers and whistle-blowers.



Cultivating a Culture of Integrity

14 September 2011, Marriott Hotel Manila 

With Keynote Speaker

H.E. Benigno Aquino III

President, Republic of the Philippines

Participation is exclusive to companies and organizations that signed the Integrity Pledge.

With the goal of creating fair and competitive market conditions, the 1st Integrity Summit brings together local and global corporate leaders, anti-corruption experts, and senior government officials to present global trends in ethics compliance programs, as well as concrete ways to strengthen ethical business practices in the Philippines.

As the Summit’s highlight, the private sector will launch the Unified Code of Conduct for business in the presence of President Benigno Aquino III.

The Summit is organized by the Integrity Initiative – a nationwide, private sector led campaign that institutionalizes common ethical standards among various sectors of society. The Initiative is implemented by the Makati Business
Club (MBC) and the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP), in partnership with the Management Association of the Philippines (MAP), American Chamber of Commerce (Amcham), and the Asian Institute of
Management-Hills Governance Center (AIM).

The venue can only accommodate 500 participants. Registration is on a “first come-first served basis.” Each company/organization can send two representatives.

For more information contact Cay Castanos / Zyra Fastidio at (632) 845.1324 / / visit


SHINE aims to initiate a “Collective Action” among ethical foreign and local business enterprises that are craving for the creation of fair market conditions for all market participants and willing to engage themselves in a business culture-changing process that will revolutionize how companies do business with government and with each other.
Specifically, SHINE will:
  • Identify the key concerns/problems affecting the private sector related to integrity and transparency in business transactions;
  • Develop a unified “Business Code of Conduct” acceptable to the local business entities;
  • Create and “Industry Integrity Pact” which provides key measures and control activities intended to ensure transparency and integrity in business transactions. Signatories to the pact commit to the performance of these measures and controls;
  • Develop an audit and certification program (including training programs for advisers and auditors) that will offer tools for enterprises to introduce and implement ethical practices in their business processes; and
  • Institutionalize the whole process to promote sustainability of the integrity initiative.
The target groups of the initiative are business support organizations/chambers that are promoting transparency and ethical business practices, and foreign and local enterprises that have an interest in promoting ethical business practices.

A culture of integrity -
The Integrity Initiative



Partner organizations in this website while it was actively publishing news excerpts:


Ehem -- the anti-corruption initiative of the Philippine Jesuits echoes the urgent call for cultural reform against corruption in the Philippines.
Ehem aims at bringing people to a renewed sensitivity to the evil of corruption and its prevalence in ordinary life. It seeks ultimately to make them more intensely aware of their own vulnerability to corruption, their own uncritiqued, often unwitting practice of corruption in daily life.
Ehem hopes to bring people, in the end, to a commitment to live the way of Ehemplo --- critical of corruption, intent on integrity!
Management Association of the Philippines 
MAP is a management organization committed to promoting management excellence. The members of the MAP represent a cross-section of CEOs, COOs and other top executives from the top local and multinational companies operating in the country, including some top officials of government and the academe.

iPro supports the process of reducing corruption by seeking synergies between Government of the Republic of the Philippines agencies and civil society at all levels.

This website primarily serves to gather for research and educational purposes in one single place news and information specifically pertinent to integrity and corruption in the Philippines. The news items, views, editorials and opinions summarized or reported on this website are taken from the general media and reputable blogs, websites, etc., and are exclusively the responsibility of the original sources and/or authors. In accordance with Title 17 U. S. C. Section 107, any copyrighted work on this website is distributed under fair use without profit or payment to those who have expressed an interest in receiving the included information for nonprofit research and educational purposes only. Ref:
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